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So you're heading to GlobalGathering, the biggest, boldest and best dance event of the summer, this year celebrating ten years of festival fun and good times. Yes, Global has been running for 10 glorious years and this year the festival organisers have pulled out all the stops to mark this momentous occasion. From 2001?s small scale one day event, GlobalGathering has grown into the UK?s premier dance event, also leading the way in Europe and who knows perhaps soon the world! But it's not just a case of throwing some supplies in a rucksack the night before and then heading to the bar ? oh no. If there's one thing you should have learned in the Scouts, it's 'Be Prepared'.

For the festival virgins, the hopeless and the just plain lazy here's your first installment of my survival guide to GlobalGathering on what to expect and how to survive a weekend of pure hedonism - compiled from ten years of personal experience.

First things first, have you got a tent? For goodness sake, you're camping! If you haven't got a tent, stop reading this right now, head down to the camping supplies store and get a tent. It needn't be suitable for the Arctic..............

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