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Glastonbury Festival 20.06.2019
Download Our 2019 App + Keep Your Phone Charged
We're pleased to report that the official Glastonbury 2019 mobile app is now available to download, for free. The app, which has been built by EE, is the only official mobile app for this year's Festival. It's available for devices using Apple iOS and Android. Click the buttons below to download the ...

Glastonbury Festival 20.06.2019
Listen To Worthy Fm's Official Glastonbury 2019 Podcast
Joanne Schofield presents the official podcast from our on-site radio station, Worthy FM, featuring interviews with Michael and Emily Eavis, alongside some of the Glastonbury team who help to put the Festival together. EPISODE TWO EPISODE ONE

Glastonbury Festival 19.06.2019
Bring Your Reusable Bottle And Wateraid Will Fill It!
WaterAid are back at Glastonbury 2019, and they are tripling the number of their water kiosks to 37 to support the Festival's new ban on the sale of single-use plastic drinks bottles.† You can stop by for as many refills of fresh, clean water as you like, for free! So make sure you bring a reusable ...

Glastonbury Festival 18.06.2019
Food And Shopping At This Year's Festival
Glastonbury Festival might be best known for its music and performing arts, but our Markets team also put an incredible amount of effort into providing memorable, creative and vibrant markets across the site. With almost 800 traders offering an amazing array of food and goods, the Markets have beco ...

Glastonbury Festival 18.06.2019
Site Snaps: Anthony Plopkins
Check out Jason Bryant's latest photos from the farm, with just eight days until gates open.

Glastonbury Festival 17.06.2019
Join The Extinction Procession At Glastonbury 2019
On the Thursday (June 27) of this year's Festival, there will be an Extinction Procession, giving you the chance to stand up and demand changes to the way we live as a society, so that we can avoid a climate catastrophe. The event - which we have organised alongside the Green Fields, Greenpeace and ...

Glastonbury Festival 16.06.2019
Main Stage Playlists
We've made some playlists to help you choose who you'll see on the main stages. They're all available on Spotify and Apple Music, below. PYRAMID STAGE SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC THE OTHER STAGE SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC WEST HOLTS STAGE SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC THE PARK STAGE SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC JOHN PEEL STA ...

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