Working Farm Vehicles To Be Converted To Electric

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As part of our efforts to move Worthy Farm closer to net zero carbon, we're excited to announce that we're working with Electrogenic, Cardiff University and Innovate UK to convert working farm vehicles from fossil fuel engines to fully electric.

Over the next nine months, Electrogenic will be converting four working Land Rovers to all-electric. The vehicles will be running around the farm doing the usual jobs while we capture as much data as possible, allowing Cardiff University to build a computer model to predict how the vehicles will perform on other farms and in other environments.

Worthy Farm has already introduced solar panels and an anaerobic digester, both of which help us to create clean, renewable energy that supports the farm, local houses and elements of Glastonbury Festival. That power will also be used to charge the newly electric Land Rovers.

Photo: Cliff MiIroy

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