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Glade Festival 21.05.2012
Elixir Of Life Art Gallery At Glade
Elixir of Life Visionary Art Gallery at Glade Festival Elixir of Life brings its unique and inspiring collection of visionary art to Glade Festival. Curated by Emma Watkinson and situated in the heart of the Psychedelic Village, the gallery will feature some of the finest new works by top internati ...

Glade Festival 21.05.2012
Shifty Disko Warm Up Party
We are bringing a little bit of Glade magic to Camden town on the 1st of June when our partners Inspiral Lounge host the Glade Pre Party.  Hosted by Shifty Disko the event brings together some special talents including the legendary Flying Rhino founder James Monro who will be bringing us some new s ...

Glade Festival 21.05.2012
Site Map For Glade 2012
Be sure to have a look at our site map for Glade 2012! We're so excited for you to come and join us! Whether it's in the woods, or one of our many stages, art galleries, cinema's, dodgems or sanctuaries, you'll be in for an experience you'll never forget!

Glade Festival 18.05.2012
Freq Nasty's Yoga Of Bass - Music, Ecstacy And The Search For Freedom Is Coming To Glade!
Set to take place on Friday at 1pm in the Rabbit Hole, FreQ Nasty's Yoga of Bass is a series of workshops led by Darin McFadyen (FreQ) and Claire Thompson which look at the parallels between the ecstatic, life-changing experiences people have on the dance floor with music, and the peak states of med ...

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