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So over the last few weeks we've been running our Talenthouse competition, in which we were looking for an artist to create some visually stunning live art which would be canvased and seen by thousands at Glade, we're delighted to announce that Sarah Lucy won the competition, where she wins tickets to Glade with her work being profiled on the Secret Arts website!

And congratulations to Kevin Munday who came in second, he get's the opportunity to join us deep in the pristine English countryside!

Art Director Tess Acheson had this to say about the winner:

"Thank you to everyone who submitted for this challenge. The winning application really stood out as she had, in essence, took the brief and turned it on its head. Sarah has engaged with what live painting can be from a duel, participatory stance. Sarah is inviting Gladers to be a part of the piece, to contribute and interact. The piece has kinetic elements with the large spinning wheel which adds instant delight. In short, the winning application was fun, interactive and involves making a mess...PERFECT!"

To view Sarah's winning art piece, click HERE


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