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Freakstock 24.07.2015
The Well Is Dead, Long Live Plan B
A location with little infrastructure is a challenge! We are aware of this ... In recent weeks we made calls, wrote requests, got informed about regulations, talked with offices, made field visits and even commissioned a company to spend a week drilling a very, very, very deep hole all in the hopes ...

Freakstock 30.06.2015
(deutsch) Gewinne Zwei Freakstock Tickets!
Dieses Gewinnspiel wird veranstaltet von Jesus Freaks Deutschland e.V. Yorckstraße 50 34123 Kassel E-Mail: (# durch @ ersetzen) Das Gewinnspiel wird veranstaltet vom 01.07.2015 bis 19.07.2015, die Ermittlung der Gewinner findet in der folgenden Woche statt. Zum Modus: 1. Das ...

Freakstock 15.06.2015
The Dream Of Santiago De Kompostella
Hey Freaks, this year we want to build composting toilets instead of portable ones. If you want to help us, you can donate for it at Betterplace. To realize this eco-friendly plan, we need 5000 Euros. Thank you in advance! domain names search australia

Freakstock 20.04.2015
Last Mile To Workshops
Hey you, The registration for the workshops is ending on 30 April. So, if you're still thinking about it, get your ass in gear. We already have great offers, but we're still looking for more! So, quickly register at ?For the workshop team, Fabse ...

Freakstock 08.04.2015
There is a maintenance window this night. So there could be some inconveniences tonight and in the next few days. So if you discover some of these, please contact our technical support via the contact form.  

Freakstock 27.02.2015
Workshop Search - New Ground, One Crowd, No Borders
We are walking onto unknown paths - NEW GROUND! We are not alone - ONE CROWD! We are called to overcome - NO BORDERS! And we're looking for YOU to bring this topic to life in the workshops! Whether you look into it from a theological/Christian/philosophical perspective, offer lifestyle support, wa ...

Freakstock 28.01.2015
New Ground - Information For Families
Dear families and other Freaks, In the last few years the freaks movement has been visibly growing from the bottom up. Many small and bigger children are enriching our living together, our services and with that, all of Freakstock as well. We have put in a lot of work in the last few years to keep ...

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