Freakiest Of Freaks!

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If you're reading these words, then in all likelihood, High on Fire need no introduction. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike six months after Sleep originally disbanded, the band would go on to become one of heavy music's most essential acts, bridging thrash, doom and classic metal into a marauding style all their own and influencing a generation of bands in the processs.

Records like 'The Art of Self-Defense,' 'Death is This Communion,' and 'De Vermis Mysteriis' are landmarks, but if you know High on Fire, you know they never do anything without utterly killing it. With Pike and longtime bassist Jeff Matz saying goodbye to founding drummer Des Kensel in 2019, the band recently enlisted Coady Willis (Big Business, ex-Melvins) to take on the role and are back to doing what they do best in blasting out some of the most intense and righteous heavy you've ever heard.

This will be High on Fire's FIRST TIME on the Freak Valley stage and we know it will be a union to remember. Can't wait to see you here in Netphen!

Still many more to come!

Freak Valley Festival 2022 IS SOLD OUT.

New date: June 15-18 2022

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