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Beloved Freaks!

We've been racking our freaky brains to come up with something special for the people who have stood by us in this time without a festival. Many of you will have been holding tickets for two years by the time Freak Valley 2022 comes around, and you deserve something more for that.

So how about a WITCHCRAFT gig?

For those who already have a 3-day FVF ticket, we're launching the festival with a special half-day on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. And indeed, Witchcraft will headline.

Tickets for the Wednesday gig will be available limited exclusively to those with weekend tickets. We'll have pricing info, the on-sale date and more lineup details coming soon.

Wednesday tickets won't be available for anyone else to purchase. As costs have risen in things like security and facilities, we've been hit pretty hard as have many others, and adding the extra half-day lets us offer you something unique for 2022 and offset some of the post-covid increases.

More to come!


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