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Liebe Freunde, Dear Freaks,

We are well as can be expected,  we hope you all are well too!
Thank you for bearing with us and supporting all the bands we all like during these very strange times. Apologies for the slight delay in annoucing some news regarding Freak Valley Festival 2021.

We got some good news and some bad news for ya.

The bad news first:

Unfortunately and therfore with probably no surprise we have to announce that the 2021 edition of Freak Valley will be unable to take place in its full capacity this year, due to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions. All tickets for 2020 remain valid, you don't need to do anything but hold on to them!  
The new dates for the 9th edition of Freak Valley are June 16-18 Juni,  2022 and all details regarding the line- up will be announced shortly!

If some of you are forced or wish to return their tickets, please contact:

As we all will walk together through another year with the possibility of experiencing no live music in way we know it; we will walk towards Freak Valley 2022;  we are not losing our hopes of meeting all Freaks again at the Valley; and until then - the music stays with us; the riffs, the vinyl  and the amps, they comfort us.
Surely we all will rejoin at Freak Valley; rejoicing the music collectively as a crowd, this feeling shall follow us all the days until the next Freak Valley, and then we shall dance and rock in the name of the riff forever.

And there will be an additional reason for this big celeberation as Freak Valley is set to hit the double digits:   
The ninth edition in  2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the very first Freak Valley which took place in 2012.  Therefore we got plenty of reasons to rock out even more!
We cannot wait to celebrate this anniversary with all of you by drinking beer, raising hell and enjoying riffs together as the Freaks of Freak Valley.
It will be massive and something to look forward to.
Until then, we'll keep working away on the details. You will hear from us very soon!
Freaks, see ya all very soon! Stay safe, positive  and healthy until then!

Freak Valley awaits you!

The Rock Freaks of Freak Valley Festival

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