Feteberlin Mini Portrait Of Participating Bands. Today: Conjunto Vaya Nacho

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We're happy to introduce some bands and musicians playling at Fête de la Musique Berlin. Today we shine a light on Conjunto Vaya Nacho.

This Conjunto is based on the raunchy stimulation of the internationally lesser-known black sheep of Colombia, ‚Vallenato".
In the Caribbean it was bred and in our arms it came. Now we've mixed it up through passion, ignorance and an old drum machine. On stage we perform as a duo or collaborate with other humans.

See more of Conjunto Vaya Nacho: https://conjuntovayanacho.bandcamp.com/

Autor: Conjunto Vaya Nacho(sebastien.people@gmail.com)

Der Beitrag FETEBerlin Mini portrait of participating bands. Today: Conjunto Vaya Nacho erschien zuerst auf Fête de la Musique Berlin | #FETEBerlin 2020.

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