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Farmfestival 18.12.2019
2020 Dates Announced
.tatsu-ga18mqhvrh2uptm9.tatsu-row-wrap{border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.tatsu-ga18mqhw055aaczz.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} DATES ANNOUNCED! 24th - 25th JULY 2020   Following an unforgettable festival in 2019, Farmfest rolls on into 2020.  Early bird ti ...

Farmfestival 11.07.2019
Comedy And Full Kids Programme
CHUCKLE BUSTERS' TAKEOVER COMEDY LINE-UP ANNOUNCED & FULL KIDS' KINGDOM PROGRAMME IS IN! AT THE FARMER'S ARMS Chuckle Busters have announced the line-up for their comedy takeover at Farmfest 2019 With our biggest stand-up line-up to date, you can loosen up to some side-splitting comed ...

Farmfestival 06.06.2019
Hat Categories Announced
HAT COMPETITION CATEGORIES ARE HERE! The Hategories are in for the annual Hat Competition.  Time to get creative and win yourself a prize, from goodie bags to tickets to next year's Farmfest! t's a Farmfest INSTITUTION and one not to be missed. This year's Hategories are: LOVE THE LAND L ...

Farmfestival 06.06.2019
Arts & Recreation
ARTS & RECREATION - more than just the music! Here's a look at the first wave of acts for our ever expanding arts and recreation programme.  With our two campaigns - Love the Land, and Love Yourself - leading the way, this year's programme is going to be positively packed.  And this l ...

Farmfestival 03.06.2019
Food & Drink For 2019
We're excited to announce the first of our food vendors for the 2019 edition, with options across the culinary spectrum including vegan, vegetarian and organic and free range roasts. KEEPING YOU FED: Amrutha - recently voted the best restaurant in all of London on tripadvisor, Amrutha will once ...

Farmfestival 05.05.2019
Charity Partners Announced
Farmfest has always been a good party for good people, and good people love to do good things, so we are delighted to announce our campaigns and charity partners for 2019. Let's all party with a purpose and do a bit more good for the world and for ourselves!   LOVE THE LAND & LOVE YOURSEL ...

Farmfestival 12.04.2019
Third Line-up Announcement
Check out who we've added to the Farmfest 2019 line-up.. Little Boots Discoteque, Moon Hooch, Nubiyan Twist, A Man Called Adam, Hodge, Juniore, Ishmael Ensemble, Cousin Kula, Jay L, Mike Shawe, Bitch, Please!, Chroma, Calva Louise, Wasabi, Snazzback, Mystic Peach, Lensmen, Coolant Bowser, Dropout ...

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