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Farmfestival 18.12.2019
2020 Dates Announced
.tatsu-ga18mqhvrh2uptm9.tatsu-row-wrap{border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.tatsu-ga18mqhw055aaczz.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} DATES ANNOUNCED! 24th - 25th JULY 2020   Following an unforgettable festival in 2019, Farmfest rolls on into 2020.  Early bird ti ...

Farmfestival 11.07.2019
Comedy And Full Kids Programme
  CHUCKLE BUSTERS' TAKEOVER COMEDY LINE-UP ANNOUNCED & FULL KIDS' KINGDOM PROGRAMME IS IN!   AT THE FARMER'S ARMS   Chuckle Busters have announced the line-up for their comedy takeover at Farmfest 2019? With our biggest stand-up line-up to date, you can loosen up to some side-sp ...

Farmfestival 06.06.2019
Hat Categories Announced
.tatsu-g3oe3hgyod59qsbf.tatsu-row-wrap{border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.tatsu-HJ8VVn7CV.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} HAT COMPETITION CATEGORIES ARE HERE!   The Hategories are in for the annual Hat Competition.  Time to get creative and win yourself a ...

Farmfestival 06.06.2019
Arts & Recreation
.tatsu-g3oe3hgyod59qsbf.tatsu-row-wrap{border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.tatsu-HJ8VVn7CV.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} ARTS & RECREATION - more than just the music!   Here's a look at the first wave of acts for our ever expanding arts and recreation ...

Farmfestival 03.06.2019
Food & Drink For 2019
.tatsu-g3oe3hgyod59qsbf.tatsu-row-wrap{border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.tatsu-HJ8VVn7CV.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} We're excited to announce the first of our food vendors for the 2019 edition, with options across the culinary spectrum including vegan, vege ...

Farmfestival 05.05.2019
Charity Partners Announced
.tatsu-g3oe3hgyod59qsbf.tatsu-row-wrap{border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.tatsu-SyrqC2G0E.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} Farmfest has always been a good party for good people, and good people love to do good things, so we are delighted to announce our campaigns ...

Farmfestival 12.04.2019
Third Line-up Announcement
Check out who we've added to the Farmfest 2019 line-up.. Little Boots Discoteque, Moon Hooch, Nubiyan Twist, A Man Called Adam, Hodge, Juniore, Ishmael Ensemble, Cousin Kula, Jay L, Mike Shawe, Bitch, Please!, Chroma, Calva Louise, Wasabi, Snazzback, Mystic Peach, Lensmen, Coolant Bowser, Dropout D ...

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