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Euroblast 12.05.2011
Euroblast Vol. 6 Band Uneven Structure Next To Sign Basick Records
Following Aliases, who played Euroblast Vol. 6 in October 2010 and later were signed, the next band from that gig, French Uneven Structure signed to London-based label Basick Records. In a statement on the label's website, label boss Barley commented on the signing: I'd been following this band's m ...

Euroblast 01.05.2011
Upcoming Euroblast Vol. 7
Ladies and Djentlemen! Here it is, the second wave of bands hitting the stage on October 21st/22nd at Cologne's famous metal club "Underground'! (Mnemic, Monuments, Sybreed, Uneven Structure, Proghma-C, and Disperse). Confirmed bands so far: MNEMIC TEXTURES MONUMENTS CHIMP SPANNER SYBREED UNEVEN ST ...

Euroblast 17.01.2011
Win A Ticket For The League Of Extraordinary Djentlemen (london Show) Featuring Periphery, Tesseract, Monuments
Yes, you got it right! The Euroblast Team will raffle off a ticket for the London show on February 11th 2011 of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen Tour featuring ass-kicking bands Periphery, TesseracT and Monuments. In order to participate and win the prize you will have the honor to post ...

Euroblast 22.12.2010
Euroblast Debut Band Aliases Interviewed By After The Press!
The folks of After The Press!, an alternative music website, did a fresh interview with Euroblast’s debut band Aliases, who signed to London-based Basick Records recently. Being asked of their highlight as a band so far, they answered: Playing our first show internationally in Germany at Eu ...

Euroblast 27.11.2010
Euroblast Vol. 6 Recap From Around The Web
It’s been about 1 month since Euroblast Vol. 6 got-djent-edition blasted metalheads from all over Europe in Cologne, Germany with some of the finest bands in the djent genre right now! This post will aggregate all reviews and other mentions in the weeks after the festival took place. http://w ...

Euroblast 05.09.2010
Chimp Spanner & Monuments: Exciting Rehearsel Stuff
Yesterday, two big names in the djent genre posted two clips, showing them jamming some of the tracks from Chimp Spanner’s latest album “At the dream’s edge”. See them playing “The Mirror”: The second clip features “Bad Code” and “Harvey Wallba ...

Euroblast 23.08.2010
Press Release: Euroblast Festival Vol. 6 Headlines Metal Bands Vildhjarta, Monuments, Chimp Spanner And Others
Next Euroblast Festival Vol. 6 on 23rd of October will feature a mix of several top European bands from the djent metal genre in cooperation with the web community The one-day festival is known for a well sorted combination of underground acts and genre-defining bands. The event will ...

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