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Our call for entries is spreading around the world, and although the deadline a still a while ahead (15 March!), we have already received loads of promising entries. If your work can add to our festival topic En Détail, don't wait, send it!

Now it's about time to let you know where and when the EMERGEANDSEE media arts festival 2011 will take place. After we had a really good time and a crowded place 2010, we are going to stay at the charming Stattbad Wedding in the north of Berlin.

So write (or copy-paste) this into your calendars:

3-5 June (Friday-Sunday), EMERGEANDSEE 2011, Stattbad Wedding, Berlin

UPDATE: Please note that the festival venue has changed. EMERGEANDSEE 2011 will take place at the Bötzow-Brauerei.

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