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Tess first met with yoga during her contemporary dance training in 2006, where it became a vital tool in helping her to support her body and mind. In 2017, she completed her 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in her hometown of Edinburgh, led by two inspirational teachers of MUDRA Yoga. She has since been teaching in a wide variety of settings, alongside her work as an independent dance artist.

Following her training she embarked on a journey to Latin America where she taught in yoga exchange programmes in Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. Returning home after 6 months she now teaches weekly classes at different studios in Edinburgh and is a regular cover teacher in the community. In 2017/2018 she was the resident yoga teacher on two month long professional dance intensives in Sicily and Corfu, which saw her supporting the dancers every day with a gentle yoga class to help reset the body after a full day of movement.

She offers a space where people from all walks of life can come together to practice yoga with their own individuality and desires, but with the sense of interconnection between everyone, finding the joy in moving and breathing together. Her classes are full of breath and playfulness, to empower and nurture the body and mind, set within a relaxed and supportive environment.

Gentle Flow

Start you morning with a flowing yoga sequence that links breath and movement to quietly invigorate your body and mind. We will combine pranayama (breath work) and gentle asanas (postures) to mindfully and calmly awaken ourselves for the day ahead. A great class for those who are new to yoga or those looking to take it easy.

Yin Yang

A Vinyasa practice cushioned either side with comforting and Yin Yoga. We will start slowly, with longer held postures, taking time to tune in to our breath and bodies mindfully before continuing into a flowing sequence that incorporates sun salutations, standing and balancing postures. Once fully warmed, stretched and energised we will take the pace down again to enjoy some gentle restorative poses, finishing with a full relaxing svasana (rest). This class is suitable for all levels and is perfect for those looking to revive and reset during the festival.

Exploring the Chakras

This workshop session will focus on specific channels of energy in the body, approached through embodied movement and breath work, to unlock the power of the Chakras (energy centres).

Chakras can often become blocked for varying reasons (through emotional or physical stress, environment and life circumstances). When the energy in the body becomes blocked, ailments, both mental and physical start to manifest.

This session is open to all. We will work gently and systematically through though a sequence of specific postures, pranayama (breath exercises) and meditative visualisations related to each of the seven Chakras. This will allow us to locate and begin to open these energy centres in order to feel clearer in our minds, better in our bodies and maintain an inner balance that can be taken into daily life.

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