Mary Ramage

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Mary is passionate about yoga and the transformation it can bring. For her, it is many things, but the most practical is the tool of self regulation.

She believes the practice of yoga and integration can take many forms and loves nothing more than helping people find theirs. She loves to teach creative vinyasa classes, and has a great interest in meditation, mantra and the wisdom of nature-all of which are weaved into her classes and workshops.

She has a keen interest in the human body, understanding how this vehicle responds to the elements and environments around us. She is always looking for ways in which to develop her knowledge of the body, develop deeper connection to herself and those around her and of course, the practice of yoga itself which is a lifelong studentship. She takes the opportunity to study with inspiring and knowledgable teachers whenever she can.

Mary strives to continually evolve her teaching practice to deliver her classes with skill, compassion and wholeheartedness. Her classes are held in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment where students are encouraged to learn and develop within a community that brings varying levels of experience, but a common love and curiosity for the practice.

Summer Celebration Yoga Flow

Each season brings with it its own unique qualities and energies.

Summer is the season to celebrate and appreciate the beauty around us. Its a time to slow down in order to revel and take pleasure in the qualities Summer offers us.

In our yoga practice, we will take inspiration from the beauty within our setting! This will be an expansive practice. We will move through a dynamic and fluid yoga flow, and will keep it playful.

We will soak in the magic of our surroundings, and connect to ourselves, to each other. We will move mindfully through postures to gently open and warm our bodies and will then get into more creative, but purposeful sequencing that allow us to feel and move into the joy that is right there in the present moment and present breath! We will work with heart opening postures that allow us to connect to each other from the comfort and safety of our own mats.

We will slowly wind down our practice with more cooling postures before we settle into a sweet savasana. You will leave feeling spacious and grounded, ready for the afternoon of delights!

This practice will have something for everyone - all levels welcome!

Sunday Slow Flow

We will begin our day moving slowly and purposefully. On this last day of the festival - we will begin gently and will move and breath our way through postures to allow us to expand our awareness to the fine detail of sensation in our bodies. Moving slowly through postures using the breath to guide the movement, we will have time and space for inquiry and feeling into your body.

We will initially move through warming postures, into standing/strengthening postures and sequence to bring about a sense of focus in your being. We will finish with cooling shapes, before moving into relaxation.

We will cultivate a sense of grounding and cohesion, setting you up for intentionally moving into the rest of your day.

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