Payment Plans For #dtrh17 - Spread The Cost Of Your Ticket

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Payment Plans introduced for #DTRH17

This year we have decided to launch payment plans to help spread the cost of the ticket prices across several months and what better time for it to be introduced that in the lead up to Christmas. You can pay just 25% of the ticket cost up front, followed by 3 equal monthly payments of the remaining total in May, June and July.

As well as this we are also excited to announce that you will be able to get a totally new experience of Doune the Rabbit Hole with the addition of Yurts in 2017, provided by Red Kite. You'll have the opportunity to stay in a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 person Yurt for the weekend. As well as unlimited re-entry to the festival you will be able to curl up in exceptionally comfy, fully furnished yurts with luxury bed and bedding, fairy lights, basic electricity, champagne and all kinds of comforting delights. We only have a few Yurt packages but we're including them in our payment plans so make sure to get yours now.

luxury-yurt-white-bed comrie-xl comrie-2-xl

(note Yurts and decor will vary)


For more details on our payment plans click below:




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