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This year our spoken word stage has a plethora of poets, a single storyteller, a smattering of hip hop and even some belly dancing!

Here's something from Yorkshire's Ceiling Demons who are joining us!

Check out the line up - spread across the whole weekend:


Rodger Evans

Andy Fleming

Alexander Hawksville

Kate Tough

Alexander Hutchison

Jo D'Arc

Mark McG

Sam Tongue

Ellen McAteer 

Dread Mink Kamihamiha

Sam Small

Leyla Josephine

Kevin P. Gilday

Erin Friel

Bram E Gieben

Different Skies Collective

Alistair Cartwright

Hannah Meszaros-Martin

Skye Bat

Merlin Fulcher 

Natasha LaForce

Ice & Fire Theatre Company

Steven Ritchie

Emma Hagan

Louie Bhoy

Hip Hop:

Ceiling Demons




Owen Pilgrim



Aphrodite Belly Dance Fusion

Sarah Lewis

Helen Buchan

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and be there!


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