Wednesday and Thurday, 25th and 26th August 2010

Boom is a surreal space on the outskirts of time. This is what makes it an alternative reality. We are now left with memories of a sun-drenched week exploding with colours, combining the effect of the overwhelming spirit of Boom on the mental, physical and emotional levels…

Anything and everything is possible here and like they say in India: Sab kuch mil-e-ga! The power of the full moon fired up the emotion and whatever you thought or felt, manifested in its own way. You feel a powerful interaction with the universe at Boom. It brings you everything you feel really deep down inside: Friends you are meant to be with, people that will influence you, situations you try to resolve, solutions to questions you might have, lessons you need to learn, insights you should hear…

Pha-droid and Android Jones put on a spectacular show at last night?s closing ceremony at the Dance Temple while System 7 once again defined the essence of trance. The synchronicity between sound, visuals and dance reminded us that we are right here, right now – experiencing the dynamic energy of one of the world?s most super-charged dance floors!

Shamanic songs completed the closing of the Dance Temple before Boomers dispersed to either the Iboga Bar to dance, drink and celebrate or to the Ambient Paradise where Cloudcycle presented the closing ceremony of the Boom.

Waking up in a giant green fish this morning was surreal. It was like being a character in a children?s storybook of magic and mystery… The giant green fish holds the kaleidoscope, built by Le Moulin Chimieres and features a built-in avant-garde auditorium reminiscent of 1920s French theatre. These are the kind of memories that will always stay with you!

We were very happy with what we experienced on Boom’s 8th edition. We emphasized bioconstruction with stunning buildings made out of canya, superadobe, bamboo and clay. There was a strong focus on our water treatment unit, that recycled almost all water consumed at the festival. It was the most art-oriented Boom ever and everybody was amazed with art installations brought by artists from all over the planet.

The ambience on site is chilled out and relaxed now as people get their things together and prepare for the journey ahead. With their cosmic suitcases bursting with anecdotes and experiences – many Boomers will be tracing their footsteps back to the main gates, while remembering how they?d felt walking in the opposite direction just 8 days ago.

It is because of the Boomers that Boom is what it is. Shouts, cheers and whistles spread like a Mexican wave from the campsite across the whole site. It?s a contagious kind of love – and this is what makes Boom a festival of epic proportions. We did it! Let?s do it again in 2012!

Many thanks for being with us this edition. It was truly magical and inspiring. You are the reason for this – thanks Boomers for your support. See you in the first full moon of August 2012.