Tuesday 24rd August 2010

In the meantime, we?ve managed to gather a few facts about the Boom…


  • People from 62 countries counted at pre-sale stage
  • Namaste, Konnchi-wa, Hola, Salam-a-lekum, Sat-sri-akal, Bongiorno, Salut, G?day, Howdy, Hello… About 200 different dialects spoken by intergalactic Boomers this year!
  • Amount of tap water consumed: one million litres of potable water consumed per day from showers, campsite, bars and restaurants
  • Litres of recycled grey water: 3million
  • Estimated amount of liquid fertilizer to be made from composting toilets: 90,000 litres
  • Kilometres walked across the site by the average Boomer: we estimate the average Boomer has trekked between 5 to 10 km per day


BOOM WEDDING: Boom Love is in the air! Chiara and Pablo tied the knot yesterday in a spiritual, mediative, shamanic ceremony at the Healing Area, offering prayers to the lake and coming together as two beautiful souls in their amazing adventure in life!

INNER VISIONS ART GALLERY: It?s the biggest emphasis placed on art in the history of Boom. Pay a visit to The Drop?s Inner Visions Gallery and be inspired by visionary art from Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Adam Scott Miller, Xavi, Android Jones, Autumn Skye Morrison, Luke Brown and legendary works of Abdul Mati Karwein.

ACAI-EEE! Stop by Groovy Nectar for some Acai. Amazing to eat frozen with cereal, Acai is a fruit from Brazil and is mixed with Guarana. Good energy to keep you going!

ELF LOVE SPA: Treat yourself at one of the stalls along the organic food belt… Treacle and icecream pancakes rock!

INSTALLATION: Nucleon, created by Humanspacecraft (Retinafunk) is a dynamic visuals installation using a 3D engine for an interactive experience. The three screens framed in bamboo and built in collaboration with the Boom team are situated near the market by The Drop area.

IBOGA BAR: This place doesn?t need an intro but is still worth the mention. It?s the local cosy, happy Boom-town bar where you can feel free to dance to everything from tech house to minimal ? played in the most psychedelic way by DJs of no particular name. Check out their amazing apple and strawberry Martinis…

PADDLE COMPANY: Have a Boom paddle-boat adventure! The Paddle Company is located right next to the lake near to the Ambient Paradise. Resonate with the energy of this precious water!

KEEPIN THE LOVE ALIVE! Boomers and artists give their word on the Boom experience…

?Thank you Boom organisers, workers, dancers and chillers for a great festie. Love and lollipops!? Steve (OOOD)

?My first impression was that it?s too hot for me! But now I appreciate where we are. What I love most about Boom is the eco-message. This is the most exciting thing for me, and the setting of course is also great!? Dr Nojoke

?Boom is the highlight of the festival calendar and the year has been building up to this point. It?s the spiritual home for me! This it the third time I play and each time more nervous than the last! It?s been great, everyone was smiling and I really enjoyed the set.? Shane Gobi

?Boom is a playground where you can let your inner-child free.? Alia (India)

?Peace and Love!? Paul (Lucid Mantra ? India / Belgium)

?It?s the mother of all festivals! It has a good mood and most importantly, it?s strong in its ecological commitment.

The Drop connects the whole culture, especially at a time when it?s growing so much.? Thomas (Denmark)

?I?m here to sweat out my shadows and dance away my demons!? Angela (California)

?Thank you for bringing back the Ancient Sacred Ceremony of Dance!? Jowe (Argentina)

?We hear it?s the best party in the world!? Hayato, Nao, Yuki, Ruyu, Tomo, Ona (Tokyo)

?We love the one-ness, people and tribal spirit.? Petra and Vera (Finland)

?We keep saying this is the last time we?re coming to Boom, and 3 editions later, here we are again!? Diego (Italy)

?This is a dream come true, I?m happy and overwhelmed ? keep on Booming!? (Filteria)

?It?s impossible to experience everything and you can?t stick to plans here, you need the freedom to experience whatever at any given moment and this is something we should carry into the outside world.? Rosario (Portugal)

?It?s a really brilliant festival, the sound is great and I?m blown away by the installations, It?s a real pleasure to play here.? Dejavous

?I?ve been playing here since the beginning and it gets better each time. It?s a tremendous playground for people to shed their rubbish and feel the love!? (James Monroe)

?I was so nervous before playing… After the first three tracks, I built up to heavier stuff and then I was like, wow, it?s really happening! It?s the biggest feedback I?ve recieved from an audience and in the crowds, no one is alone, everyone together like nothing I?ve ever seen before!? Liftshift

?It?s been a great freaky Boom! The crowd was really into the music and open to many styles.? Mapusa Mapusa

?The site is so different by day ? totally amazing!? Airtist

?Epic!! Have a good time all the time!? Liquid Ross

?This is my first Boom and I was very impressed with the love that?s been put into the different aspects of the festival. It?s been a good, good journey!? Tash (UK)

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/14423323

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJE0gClVO7s