Friday, 20th August 2010

Gus Till is playing right at this moment ? the ground is shaking, haunting psytrance sounds are sending shivers down the spines of Boomers walking towards the Dance Temple…

The Liminal Zone became the focus of the day today where presentations were given by some incredible beings. Free cultural Spaces: From Ruigoord to Boom by Aja Waalwijk of the Amsterdam Balloon Company put the emphasis on the benefit of free cultural spaces on society and how the world would evolve in a positive way if we were allowed to express ourselves as freely as we wanted. He also pointed out that freedom can easily be turned into disorder and crime and we need to think about the definition that we give it.

The free societies of places such as Ruigoord and Denmark are positive examples and the ABC invite Boomers to become part of this transnational global network of artists and creators.

The ABC have created a totem from a tree, which has been carved and soaked in linseed oil. It is the Axis Mundi ? the Centre of the World. On the night of the full moon the group will be erecting the totem to commemorate Boom land as the 4th Axis Mundi. ?The centre of the world is where you are ? and by putting this totem here on the Boom land, we are establishing this transnational network and we would like to welcome you all to be a part of it. Let?s make magic happen. Boom!?

And the night is young! It?s Mission Boom time! We hit the town to soak up the art, knowledge, music and film. Boom is so expansive. There is so much to absorb ? this is what makes it Boom ? this explosion of art, interculturalism, knowledge ? it?s overwhelming, but there is an art to riding the tide of the Boom experience and by Day 3 ? if you know how to pace yourself and take it easy ? you know you?re almost there.

We will be able to expand on this point tomorrow. It will be manifested by the inspiration that we feel after tonight… It?s going to be a long, fun-filled, exhilarating night!

More tomorrow! BOOM!