Thursday 19th August

Opening Ceremony at the Healing Area
The Opening Ceremony at Healing Area manifested the fact we intend to start as we mean to go on. Thousands of people gathered here earlier today when a number of spiritual guides from different continents across the world led the ceremony to water ? sending the collective love-energy of the Boomers to the lake so it resonates with each of us and spreads out into the world!

Thousands of people gathered near the lake as the sun began to set, sending full power vibrations of love to the lake. They began the procession – carrying a serene girl in a wooden carriage to the Sacred Fire where collectively, right next to the lake and stone structures, we lit the first fire of the Boom, marking the beginning of what is to be an amazing Boom! BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Kilandukilu opened the Dance Temple. The indigenous tribal band attracted thousands of Boomers to what we once called the ?main dance floor?. Watching them from the Nomad Chai Shop around sunset was yet another beautiful moment. The watery orange sun transformed the dust into golden shards that created a misty halo over the crowds. More and more people are walking towards the Dance Temple at this moment and Kilandukilu have not even started. It?s a sign of the anticipation and excitement that has been building. Boomers have travelled the length and breadth of the earth to be here. It?s a sign of how important these kinds of gatherings are to the internal organs of society ? how essential they are to the human heart, soul, spirit and mind. Kilandukilu are tribal and psychedelic, reminding us that this is where it all began!

So Yes! We?re Boomin baby!
…It?s happening right here, right now!  Etnoscope are kicking up a storm at the Dance Temple at this moment in time… Tribal, mystical, sexy, bouncy, sounds that make you want to move! This is the moment that many people have been waiting for and you can feel it on the dance floor. It?s an epic moment. The Funktion One sound is crystal clear, fuelling the potency of the energy field that is mushrooming right now…

Etnoscope are trapped in the Tetrahedron-shaped DJ cubicle that?s been built by Harlen Emil Gruber. You can?t really see them, but that?s not relevant. Many people that we?ve spoken to don?t even know the line-up – they?re just here for the sound and the feeling of one-ness and transparency that psychedelic trance creates on the dance floor. Spiritual connections are being manifested here, a supernova of colourful souls are exploding on the dance floor! The sound is changing now as we write these words to you – it?s becoming increasingly tribal and psychedelic with pulsating rhythms sending vibrations through the body… This is the ancient future world that we have collectively created ? the moment of magic we?ve been waiting for!

Android Jones? visuals and holographic images of spiritual deities are sending cosmic vibrations across the dance floor of this epic space. The soundscape is fuelling the energy field created by the thousands of Boomers that attended the Official Opening Ceremony earlier on. This is a very special day. It marks the first day of the Boom. Together we are manifesting good intention, purity of heart, universal one-ness and the interconnectivity that exists between living beings – unleashing the inner light that lives within each of us.

So tonight…
It?s now 10.51pm and time to bring today?s chapter on the Boom experience to a close. It?s also time to hit the town! Sam Chai Shop and Roberdo are on until midnight. We?ll be back with more news tomorrow…. With much love, respect and gratitude, The Boom Team.