The avalanche begins! The Boom portal is slowly opening… 800 artists, workers, volunteers, helpers arrived in the last two days alone.

The atmosphere behind the scenes today has been electric and it?s an energy that is resonating with the lake. Machinery, music, people are buzzing about the place ? these are the finishing touches to the festival!

An average of some 100 people have been working playing, living together at the Boom site for the past few months… This is the moment of magic we?ve been working towards to create and now it?s here. The adrenalin is building and everyone is working hard to help each other and work together to find solutions to the countless scenarios that occur when you?re working in a festival of this scale.

Biking Boomerz
So the first Boomers begin to arrive on site today. We expected the buses to pull in about 11am. We get to the Boom Bus Stop and catch the Spanish team that have biked it from Valencia to get here

1,200 km later, Apolka (Hungary), Nacho (Spain), Abel (Ethiopia) and Kath (Germany) make it to Boom! ?I biked 1,200 km with Abel to get here from Gijon?, says Nacho. ?The guys met us in Vigo, which is 600 km from Boom,? added Kath.  The team set off 13th July to get here 17th August. ?We?re very tired now and we just wanna chill out!? says Apolka.

GETTIN OFF THE BANANA BOAT… We catch some Boomers getting off the Boom Bus. Here?s what they had to say…

Thomas  (Denmark)
? ?why I came to Boom? Because it?s the mother of all festivals. It?s got a good music, but most importantly it?s to do with the vibe, the cultural spirit and places like The Drop with Liminal. It connects the whole culture, which is good, especially at a time when Boom is growing so much. It spreads culture and gives meaning to being here.?

Toby, Leah and Maggie (UK)
?Dancing, swimming, sunshine!?

Vincent and Magalie (Geneva)
?We came for the atmosphere?

Jamal (Hamburg)
?I?m looking forwards to the music!?

Sayaka (Japan) and Steve (Australia)
?We always wanted to come to Boom! This is our first time because we just had to be a part of the experience!?

Mahesh and Vishnu (India)
?Psychedelic trance started for us in Goa and then moved to Bangalore and Bombay. It?s been a dream, a vision for us to get here and now we are!?

Hayato, Nao, Yuki, Ruyu, Tomo, Ona (Japan)
?We came especially for Boom! We heard it?s the best party in the world!?

So it?s now midnight….
… and the restaurants area is packed with people ? the beginning of a big happening is in the air… The pizzeria began serving its legendary Italian recipes, there are people cheering and whistling… Funkadelik, psychedelic beings from different lands coming together to celebrate interculturalism. It?s an electric fusion of the united tribes of the world. There?s some bewildered faces around and the site is changing shape, transmuting into a magical creature of the night when the sun goes down. Climbing into the crane to hang the dream catcher in The Drop was an epic moment two nights ago by the way. You could see the city of Boom sparkling. And tonight we test the visuals at the Dance Temple…

The action begins to kick in full power tomorrow when more people arrive…

Check back for more news then…