A special ceremony will be taking place at The Drop, 19th August at 8.30am, to pay homage to the magical life source that is Water.

Wherever you are right now ? or wherever it is you?re coming from ? please bring a drop of water with you to Boom. The water collected from Boomers will be used as part of a very special ceremony that will send positive energy rippling right across the world!

Water is the theme of this year?s Boom. The hexagonal formation of the water molecule has inspired the design of the structures we have been building across the Boom site.

The power of water cannot be underestimated ? our collective energies influence its condition and this is reflected in many aspects of our lives without us even knowing it. Dr Emoto?s book, Messages from Water, has scientifically proven that Water, as a living organism possesses memory. The magical language of water is seen in the way it resonates with human beings that are also 70 percent water.

Bring your drop to The Drop so that together, in this special ceremony, we can pay homage to our most precious resource – offering our love and respect so that it spreads across the world.