We are finally approaching the day we’ve been awaiting for so long: the opening of Boom 2010.

Our ticket sales came to an end on July 31st. It was the end of a long cycle that started back in December. It was with your support through ticket funding that we could start the whole Boom production, commissioning projects and finding the proper setting to offer you an unforgettable experience. Thank you Boomers, for all your support.
Over the months we moved location, we built up an amazing team, discovered incredible artists that are currently onsite putting together probably the most art-oriented Boom ever.

Our production team has been amazing. Working around the clock for almost a year, they are the rocks and pillars of strength that have made this possible. Working onsite, the construction teams are the hidden warriors of Boom, working hard day and night in hot summer conditions to make this a very special Boom. Together we are building a psychedelic village, a temporary autonomous zone where art and respect for the Sacred Earth are imperatives.

As far as tickets are concerned, we’ve had the biggest figures in pre-sales ever. Numbers went above our expectations and even better have been the lovely messages that have making us smiley people. “It is going to be a special Boom”, or “this is going to be history” or “the spirit of Boom is back” are just some of the messages we have received.

Despite the success of ticket sales we kept a number of tickets to be sold at the gates. Last edition we saw the number of people at the gates that had no way of getting in. This is not something we want to repeat this year, which is why we have made tickets available at the gates.

This means you can start to plan your journey to Boom. We suggest reading the menu of our website (www.boomfestival.org) and going to the BOOM GUIDE for a better understanding of how you can plan your visit.

Please pay attention to your garbage and be sure to leave no trace; respect the environment and the people around you.


Public Transport
Share a ride, connect with someone else or get your Boom Bus ticket at the airports of Lisbon and Madrid. Help on putting CO2 levels down.

Minimize Packaging
To avoid extra weight and making your life easier we are enabling a service of rental camping from a special team. Check this out: http://www.boomfestival.org/boom2010/2010/07/minimize-packing.

Bring a Bike
If you can, we suggest you bring a bike to commute across the vast festival site and have fun at the same time!

Enjoy the Lake
You can swim at the new Boom site. Please respect the water, no garbage, no pissing, only respect for the lake.