Minimize packing and travel light to Boom by checking out the new tent hire service, which will be available to Boomers as soon as they arrive on the festival site.

There?s an art to festival survival. This year at Boom, it arrives in the form of a tent-hire facility that has been created in partnership with Overland Outdoor a new development at Boom that has been designed to create a much more comfortable and easygoing experience for Boomers.

Inflatable double and single mattresses, pillows, sheets, shade and lighting are available for Boomers who opt to travel light this year.

The service has also been designed for Boomers who will be travelling lengthy distances and has proven popular in Brazil and Spain. Tent hire costs 30 euros per night; however, a full package is also available at a special rate.

Environment at Boom is priority. For this reason, the Boom Shop will be supplying a range of eco-friendly products that will not pollute or contaminate the beautiful nature. It also means that you can forget the stress of stuffing your rucksack with everything but the kitchen sink and feel free before, during and after the festival.

The Boom Shop, located in the Down Town area of the festival site, will provide a range of useful products that include a selection of eco-camping products such as tents, tent pegs, sleeping bags, headlamps and fans. There will also be a series of eco- friendly healthcare products such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, sun cream, tampons, toothpaste, body lotion, while other useful articles such as phone cards, disposable cameras, locker tokens for the info stand, Boom Bus tickets and After Utopia tickets will also be available.

The Boom Shop and tent hire services have been designed to reduce packaging, travel light and minimize our collective impact on the environment while allowing us to enjoying the festival in comfort and ease.

To reserve a tent, please send an email to:

For more information about the Boom Shop, please email: