Penetrating a transformative vision that shifts the worldview, the Pachamama Alliance presents the ?Be the Change Symposium? at the Liminal Zone.

A powerful contributor to the worldwide movement for social change, the Pachamama Alliance demonstrates how the knowledge we possess today empowers us to implement the shift to conscious evolution.

In the face of rampant consumption and endless growth, a false sense of wealth has created a nightmare that is destroying the world. It is now time to ?awaken the dreamer? and transform this modern-world dream to a new vision.

Symposiums held by the Pachamama Alliance have already influenced thousands who are alerting millions of others to the urgency of our situation.

Including dynamic group interactions and designed in collaboration with some of the world?s finest scientific, indigenous and activist minds, the Pachamama Alliance invites Boomers to explore the current state of our planet and connect with a powerful global movement.

What began as a project to help the indigenous Achuar people to protect the pristine rainforests of Ecuador, has transformed into a global movement to protect the Sacred Earth. A positive alliance between indigenous wisdom and modern-world technologies, this powerful merger holds the possibility of bringing to life a new dream.

The Pachamama Alliance is also further proof that Latin America?s revolutionary processes are changing, fuelling a positive relationship between the Sacred Earth and people.

Join us at the Liminal Zone for the Be the Change Symposium and discover a radical, activist, approach to reclaiming our future.

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