14 Days Until End Of Third Phase Tickets!

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Exactly 14 days until the final phase of Boom Festival tickets comes to a close!

The third phase of Boom Festival tickets will end on 3 July 2012. This means there is just two weeks left to book your ticket, either online or via a Boom ambassador near you.

A "Social Price" will still be available to countries that have suffered the economic crisis: Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal. There is also a special price for Boomers from developing countries. These prices continue until 3 July 2012.

After this date, tickets will only be available at the gate between 28 July and 4 August 2012 at the price of 180 euro.

It's going to be a special one this year and we are working around the clock every single day to make this one of the most epic experiences in the history of the Boom!

There are also just 39 days left until we open the gates to thousands of Boomers that will be travelling here from every continent in the world - the countdown has already begun.

So come and join us on this amazing adventure as we celebrate 15 years of Boom and the role that the festival has played as a transformational global gathering.

For online tickets: https://boomfestival.org/boom2012/etickets/shop/web/etickets_step1.php
Boom ambassadors: http://boomfestival.org/boom2012/tickets/boom-ambassadors-list/

Let the gathering of the tribes begin!

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