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Want to be part of the Boom Festival 2012 Official Movie? Then read on...

This year, we take 25 percent of Boom off the grid. At the same time, we connect with Boomers around the world that are growing their own food, sourcing their own energy and exploring bio-construction.

Are you one of these people and would you like to share your ideas in the Boom 2012 Official Movie? Then please send us video footage of your experiences!

Boom is a transformational event and this is illustrated best when we communicate how people around the world are getting stuck into the off-grid revolution.

Decolonization of the industrial mind is necessary to the implementation of alternative ideas for sustainable living; helping us to master the art of living outside the matrix. Many people across the world are already working towards this goal, many of them with great success.

The Boom 2012 Official Movie will document the Boom Environmental Program, which shows the steps we are making towards the goal of taking the entire festival off the grid.

There are many who are learning important, practical lessons about how to live in harmony with the earth - so the Boom Movie will reflect on the experiences of Boomers across the world.

Boom has arisen from activist roots and so the festival is utilised as a tool for communicating ideas that push us into the future as we experience this transformational time.

We are all agents of change: so let's share our ideas and utilise this opportunity to communicate the most powerful and effective methods for living independently of the "matrix".

If you would like to share your ideas for sustainable living with the wider world - dig out that camera; have fun with it, be creative, make a mini commentary and send us your footage for inclusion in the Boom Festival 2012 Official Movie.

You don't need to be a professional filmmaker - so just go for it! Send your video footage to:

Now get filming! :-)

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