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As the off-grid revolution kicks off across the world, we take 25 percent of Boom off the grid, taking one giant leap towards the future goal of taking the entire festival off the mainstream electrical matrix.

From water, bio-construction and energy, to recycling and sanitation: the Boom Environmental Program has deployed several initiatives for living independently of the mainstream matrix. This year we launch a new initiative: Boom Off-the-Grid

Our projects surrounding the realm of energy began in 2008 with Your Oil is Music. The goal was to use waste veggie oil in the generators. We collected a total of 45,000 litres of oil from the Idanha-a-nova municipality to power generators, preventing emission of 117,000 kg of CO2.

In 2010, we went solar! The Boom Lab project developed several photovoltaic stations to generate power from the sun, producing a total of 18.6 KW/PH of solar energy per day.

Boom Off-the-Grid
For 2012, the goal is to take 25 percent of the festival off the grid. Boom Off-the-Grid is a new project within the realm of energy efficiency and involves four different sub-projects:

? Healing and Sacred Fire areas will function on waste-vegetable-powered generators and solar power
? A clean-energy irrigation system will cover 50 hectares of land, energised by solar power,
? The entire Production Village will also be powered by the sun.
? Several other generators across the site will be powered by a combination of wind-solar-energy and conventional fuel

In the meantime, we continue to develop, share and exchange off-grid innovations as we practice the art of living independently of the mainstream matrix.

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