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Cut costs, reduce emissions and make some cosmic connections when you share a lift to Boom.

We've just launched an amazing portal that connects you to other Boomers who are travelling to the Boom.

You can connect with Boomers that are planning their trip to Boom by registering on the site:

Here you will need to specify whether you are offering or seeking a lift to the Boom.

By sharing a lift to Boom, we are not only reducing CO2 emissions, but also cutting costs.

Boomers from far and wide will no doubt be exploring different ways of travelling: lift sharing is a positive way of connecting with other like-minded Boomers while making minimal impact on the environment. So let the global gathering begin!

Give us your feedback and let us know how you get on; we'd love to hear your lift-sharing stories!

Get ready to BOOM. See you HERE! :)

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