Exactly Sixty Days Until Take-off!

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Boom is a galactic activation portal and it will be opening in exactly sixty days...

This is 2012 and this is Boom! With just 60 days left until take-off, the excitement is building both behind the scenes and across the world as together, we anticipate one of the most epic experiences in the history of the Boom: Are you ready?

It's a special year and a special Boom: we feel the energy of Boomers around the world that are gearing up for this 2012 edition of the festival.

The Boom family behind the scenes is an international one: more and more people are arriving from different parts of the world: they are a true representation of the global tribe - the massive collective formed by the Boomers that make this festival what it is.

We have our special eco team working with the land, building gardens and implementing the principles of permaculture. Soon to arrive are teams that will build the towering structures that will morph into areas such as the Dance Temple and Alchemy Circle.

They bring with them the energy of their love, their art, their inspiration and it mirrors that of the Boomers that will be converging here for this transformational full moon gathering.

So the fire is alive behind the scenes with every worker, volunteer, artist and participant working round the clock to build one of the best Booms ever.

Every week, we come together to connect with each other, share our ideas and feel the excitement as we build this very special edition of the Boom. So if you've never been before, this is most definitely the year to experience it.

Sixty days and counting... Now let's get ready to Boom!

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