Hardcore Superstar Present Their Cover

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The new album by Hardcore Superstar will be coming out very soon. The band from Sweden have presented their cover where, according to the band, they pay tribute to the Italian terror movies by director Dario Argento that combine violence and sex.

The song entitling the album can be heard in his myspace: www.myspace.com/hcssgbg. The album will be on sale next June 2nd through Nuclear Blast.

Beg For It track list:  

01. This Worm"s For Ennio
02. Beg For It
03. Into Debauchery
04. Shades Of Grey
05. Nervous Breakdown
06. Hope For A Normal Life
07. Bad Behaviour
08. Remove My Brain
09. Spit It Out
10. Illegal Fun
11.Take Them All Out
12. Innocent Boy

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