Ade Next: First Names Confirmed

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ADE Next has just announced the first names that will appear in another comprehensive program that focuses on the next generation of DJs and producers. Paul van Dyk (DE) Chuckie (NL), Todd Terry (US), Gomes (NL), Jeff Mills (US), M.A.N.D.Y. (DE), Dave Clarke (GB), Showtek (NL) Shinedoe (NL) will share their knowledge with us. Information, inspiration and an extensive network of experts from around the world are the key elements of ADE Next. This years topics will address the importance of copyright, how social communities can be used effectively and how organizing events can contribute to your carreer. Other speakers that will appear in the program are Tommie Sunshine (US), Warren Fellow (NL), Quintino (NL), Don Diablo (NL), Todd Terry (US), Promo (NL), André Ettema (NL), Olav Basoski (NL) , Ruff & Jam (BE) and many more.Check out the program
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