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Sunandbass Festival 06.12.2020
Womxn Of Sunandbass
Throughout December, we would like to shine a very bright light on all of the badass womxn in our drumandbass community and showcase the inspiring, international range of womxn artists in our world. So now, follow our online Christmas advent calendar to unfold and celebrate this diversity, to share ...

Sunandbass Festival 05.12.2020
1)  What tunes are you listening to at the moment and why?   Currently, I'm listening to Makoto's new version of Spreadlove. We may not have much freedom right now but we have love, and that's something we should remember at this difficult time.  RedEyes new EP SelfPortraits - Timeless beauty, ...

Static Roots Festival 04.12.2020
"who Gives A F*** About Christmas?" - We Do!
sign up to our mailing list and win a canvas print of our dia de los muertos series If you haven't signed up to our mailing list just yet, now is the time! We are giving away brilliant canva ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.12.2020
Collette Warren
   Collette Warren is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Birmingham, with influences from Motown, jazz, reggae and soul, funk, 90?s R&B and disco. She has been singing from a very young age, thanks to growing up in a musical family. In 2007 she moved to London to follow her long-held d ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.12.2020
#105 - Ill Truth & Mc Bluejay
Well 2020, what a strange year! Here we are with the final podcast of 2020 and it will set you up nicely for the evening. Ill Truth have whipped up this gem to get us dancing through the apocalypse together! And if that wasn't enough, they have MC Bluejay at their wings. "Ill Truth & Bluejay all ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.12.2020
Dj Strife
Q. What tunes are you listening to at the moment and why? A. A couple of tunes that have moved my spirit lately have to include: L-Side & GQ "Zagga Dan", Critycal Dub & L-Side "Original Don", Jappa "Clash", Ben Soundscape "See a Shadow". Each one of these tracks pretty much embody the sound ...

Freedom Sounds Festival 03.12.2020
We would like to give you an update on Freedom Sounds Festival 2021 in April. There is currently a lot of hope that live concerts will be possible again soon. Whether the situation will improve fast enough for our festival is unclear. We are carefully monitoring the development and will make a deci ...

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