Name: Peench
Herkunft: 71540 Murrhardt, Deutschland
Genre: Indie Rock
Weitere Genre: Progressive/Art Rock - Psychedelic Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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The hairspray revolution of the 2000's was a profitable time for the rock genius's. They expanded thier minds to the horizons of thier minds and never looked back, nor around, nor behind them. Great Multitudes swaddled to gather the collections of the chosen sirens and thier angelic explanations of the world. How do you tell a street sleeper to go home? or buy home owners insurance?

Out of this dark, cold, wet, Pink, stinking environment came Peench. Feet First.

In the beginning there was one, Jesus Martin Cordero. Eyes Screaming, hair saying nothing but to the expression of a left regret. The early days blurred, exotic noisy expressions of a band with no eyes. The unemployment office was the setting for the induction of Drummer Dominik Bartz, who after rigorous auditioning won the job of banging around. The two began writing what we know of now as Peench. Not long after Local Wonderkind and Phoenician wizard Marcel Mach joined and the triad was complete. There was rejoicing.

The "If your thinking what im thinking, were right! "EP was there first expression of musical release for this band. It was the first capture of a noise that was flowing freely into the air above before. so fundamental. It was made in a more innocent time, before the baphomets were set free. After this came much work, much prickly heartache potent with the bruises of empty promises and broken egos. Traveling into clean lands of clarity, where high frequencies were forbidden. Only in small closed secured dwellings were these feedback scientist free to do there work. Sweating, bleeding, thirsty our humble knights pushed on, carrying a sword of truth, an idea of fire, a pyramid of _ _ _ _. Those who were smarter did everything they could to breath so much fire to melt the ice. But they only made steam. In the year 2013 Peench delivered its second opus entitled "The schoolhouse demonstrations", feedback driven roaring monsters of the most beautiful dreams were then allowed to have they're time. Now with a righteous catalog and the spirit of our good Merkaba they boys are wandering the land spreading the enlightened rock message.

Gloria Dei est celare Verbum, Amen

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