Puppies On Acid

Name: Puppies On Acid
Herkunft: Hamburg, Deutschland
Genre: Indie Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Puppies On Acid

Since the year 2003 the band "Puppies on acid" ( recent line up ) is there to hit the stages of germany. And the four members are taking it seriously. The young musicians, who were playing gigs since their childhooddays, are influenced by different music. A fact that you can hear in the collective songwriting. Influences by artists like David Bowie, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin meet sounds that remind of System of a down or Dream Theater. Out of this creative melting pot a distinctive own "Puppies"-Style was developed, that is unique. On Stage the band manages it to put a emotional loaded liveshow on stage that boosts the dynamics of the studiorecordings. More and more fan are celebrating this shows. Many gigs in in famous Locations in Hamburg, Lübeck and Berlin are a clear evidence for the increasing success. Highest rankings at mp3-platforms and at regional contests are speaking a clear language too. This band is still on the rise. Soundtrack at Napster, Itunes, Mp3.de and many many more.....

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