Dirk Sid Eno

Name: Dirk Sid Eno
Herkunft: 50674 Köln, Deutschland
Genre: Deep House
Weitere Genre: Tech House
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Kategorie: Dj
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Dirk Sid Eno

I’m promoting my own monthly Club Night called “electronic love” in Cologne.

Dirk Sid Eno's first love was Punk Rock, pretty obvious when named after Sid Vicous and Brian Eno (yes, this is his real name!).
After developing his love for Hip Hop in the nineties he was soaked into the world of electronic music by experiencing night life in a completely new way with excessive nights beginning on friday and ending on monday morning, pretty influenced by legendary Total Confusion nights in Cologne.
He now decided to do own club nights with great success at Colognes Underground Club Subway.
Over the years he invited Guests like David Keno, Lawrence/Sten, Jake the Rapper, Dinky, Gebrüder Teichmann and many, many more...
Driven by his passion for music he spent more and more time with DJing wherever he was asked to play, so he could spread his love for harmonic Deep Tech House all over the Republic and beyond its borders.

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