Seven Nails

Name: Seven Nails
Herkunft: 88447 Biberach, Deutschland
Genre: Gothic
Weitere Genre: Metal - Klassik
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Seven Nails

Seven Nails - Symphonic Progressive Metal from Southern Germany

It's done - "Factory Of Dreams" has been released! The band's debut album features over one hour and 13 tracks of their unique blend of progressive, symphonic and female fronted metal. Recorded, produced and mastered at Marvelles Studios by Marc Kucher over the course of 3 months and now available at iTunes, bandcamp and other distributors.

After its inception in late 2010, the then-unnamed project set out to gather talented and ambitioned musicians to start a band somewhere along the lines of female fronted metal. After a few member changes the band's lineup was finalized in 2012, just in time for the recording of "Factory Of Dreams".

Drummer Johannes Auer, bassist Leonid Reinhardt and guitarist Mathias Schmid build the foundation of the versatile Seven Nails soundscape. Based on this fundament, keyboarder Tim Lobitz and violinist Marion Hüttl add "symphonic" to the equation, with Marion also adding her voice to those of lead singers Daniela Marx and Julian Volkmann to create a unique and distinguishable sound.

A typical Seven Nails song is composed by Mathias and/or Tim providing the musical framework, with Julian and/or Daniela adding the lyrics and the vocal lines, while finalizing the song includes all seven band members. The results are atmospheric songs, always looking for the perfect balance between progressive elements and captivating melodies.

Every member of Seven Nails contributes a different set of influences to the band's sound. Singer Daniela consideres Nightwish and Tarja Turunen as one of her biggest influences, while guitarist Mathias comes from a progressive metal background with bands like Symphony X or Dream Theater playing a big role in his songwriting. Keyboarder Tim counts Opeth and Katatonia as a big influence, while violinist Marion effectively utilizes her background in classical music to incorporate intriguing elements into the band's songs.

The band's plans for 2013 are set: Getting on stage and delivering awesome shows to promote "Factory Of Dreams"!

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Seven Nails GbR
Mathias Schmid
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