Name: Drumsformers
Herkunft: 57580 Gebhardshain, Deutschland
Genre: Electro
Weitere Genre: Dance - Experimentell
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Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von Drumsformers
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Drumsformers a showgroup from Germany. A spectacular drumshow with incredible effects. Dancers, known from prime time television, fireworks in every form and colour, precise light- and lasershows and crowd-moving rhythms. The list of showcases is very long with clients from DAX-companies to international festivals. 2011 has been a year of renewals a completely redesigned media interface, an own shirtcollection "FormWear", own custom drumsticks and a newly developed showcase that is going to blast Europe's stages in 2011/2012.

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Drumsformers shows are individual and you can book in different combinations. Thereby show-length, dancers, pyro equipment, lasers and many more factors can differ. Anything is possible! We create shows exactly at our client's option. Drumsformers are travelling with own light- and audio engineers to control the complex light and sound at Drumsformers shows. If needed, Drumsformers travel with a complete production of light and sound.

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