Itching Eyeball

Name: Itching Eyeball
Herkunft: 1066 Amsterdam, Holland
Genre: Rock
Weitere Genre: Electro
Homepage: Itching Eyeball
Demo Songs: Itching Eyeball
Kategorie: Band
Bild: Bild von Itching Eyeball
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Itching Eyeball

Itching Eyeball (the left one) is a trio based in Amsterdam, formed by a Colombian, a German and a Dutchman.

Although inhabiting their own musical universe, Itching Eyeball (the left one) is not isolated from the real world.
It’s prog-rock with a heart, performed by a hard rocking drummer, a jazzy guitarist and a musical omnivore on keyboards and computers.
The Itching Eyeball… (the left one) introduction comes with a graphic novel with drawings .
Like the music, the comic book is simultaneously inviting and alienating, and very well executed.

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