Goodbye Fairground

Name: Goodbye Fairground
Herkunft: 45357 Essen, Deutschland
Genre: Hardcore Punk
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Goodbye Fairground

Goodbye Fairground (from 2006-2010 under the name of Paraquat) play a style of music that blends punk rock, post-hardcore, indie and much more, besides — after all, it is the song, and not the scene that matters.

This, combined with all the energy of their live performances was what formed the basis of their first, self-released album. Twelve songs with the next melody always lurking at the next turn, and yet with enough aggression to be taken seriously. Twelve stories, twelve moments in time that make do without pathos, but not without lines that make you think, ideas you may even agree with at the end of the day.

Since the release of their debut album, Goodbye Fairground have played many gigs in various parts of Germany, and have shared the stage with such renowned bands as The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx, Leatherface, Pascow, Murder By Death, Deny Everything and Tackleberry. For the second year running they have organized and put on the “Sunken Ship Sailor Festival”, an event created with the intention of celebrating and encouraging the German punk rock and hardcore music scenes, offering a platform for young and established bands alike away from the mainstream – all the while working on new material.

In 2010 they released 4 new demo songs, a powerful and impressive example of what to expect on their sophomore album. The next six months were spent taking a step back and evaluating the collection of songs they had thus far written, fine-tuning the arrangements and further developing and refining their signature sound. Without a doubt, Goodbye Fairground have finally discovered themselves, and have combined this with a refreshing ear for melody and their formidable live experience to create the next full-length, “I Started With The Best Intentions”, to be released in 2012.

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We're always looking for shows and are looking forward to any gig offers.
All we need is vegan food, gas money and a place to sleep (for six persons) for gigs more than 200 kilometres away from Essen.

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