The Pussybats

Name: The Pussybats
Herkunft: 88512 Mengen, Deutschland
Genre: Gothic
Weitere Genre: Glamrock - Rock'n Roll
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Kategorie: Band
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The Pussybats

info_ sex, blood and goth’n’roll the pussybats. Four guys who sold their souls to the dark side of rock’n’roll long time ago. A sound melting hard rocking guitar riffs and catchy melodies with an intense dark atmosphere just as a matter of course. Songs like a rollercoaster ride between a kiss goodbye and a kick in your ass. A voice that’s gonna haunt your dreams. And thrilling live shows which take goth’n’roll entertainment to a whole new level. Influences drawn from bands like the Backyard Babies, AC/DC, the Sisters Of Mercy or songwriting icon Johnny Cash are one part of the puzzle, but the real fuel for the fire is the kind of magic that turns a band into a somewhat bigger, one‐of‐a‐kind entity. Yeah, again: it’s called goth’n’roll and right under its black flag the quartet from Stuttgart, Germany started the mission to rock the world in summer 2006. It’s still a long way to the top, but they’re willing to walk this line ‘til the end – and beyond. Right at dusk they put on their sunglasses. They crank their amps to 13. Always ready to put one thing straight: they’re here. And they’re here to fuckin’ rock! drums_ mike night bass_ marple 8 vocals_ sid van sin guitar_ roy rock

Infos für Veranstalter

history_ what we did since last summer Sonic Seducer “Battle Of The Bands 2006” winner (Europe’s biggest newcomer‐competition for the dark scene) featured on the compilations „Gothic Spirits 5“ (Zyx Music) and “Aderlass Compilation Vol. 5” as the “Aderlass Newcomer‐Tip” (totentanz/ Soulfood) tracks on compilations of the following magazines: Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Astan Magazin, Insomnia Magazine (UK) numerous gigs in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and the Netherlands, including performances at the Wave‐Gothic‐Treffen 2007 in Leipzig (w/ The 69 Eyes, Front 242 etc.) and the Castle Rock VIII in Mülheim/Ruhr (w/ Tanzwut etc.). soundtrack and title track of the independent‐horror One By One (Fabrik Drei Entertainment/ info in brief_ stripped the pussybats are pure sex, blood and goth’n’roll. Axeman Roy Rock, bassplayer Marple 8, drummer Mike Night and vocalist Sid van Sin melt hard rockin’ guitar riffs and gloomy, melancholic atmosphere into kick‐ass, catchy rocksongs and deliver addictive music along with a hell of a live show.

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