Tough And Rough

Name: Tough And Rough
Herkunft: 1062 Amsterdam, Holland
Genre: Rock
Weitere Genre: Pop
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Demo Songs: Tough And Rough
Kategorie: Band
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Tough And Rough

Bass player/Singer-songwriter,composer,arranger and Producer.
Born in Paramaribo(Suriname) on the 12th of January,
came to Europe [Amsterdam] where she started her career as modern dancer
and toured around Europe with several dance groups.
Late in the 80's, she discovered her love for the Bass guitar.
She taugth herself to play the instrument.
After a while, she discovered that it was easy for her to sing along,
and after composing for others, she began to compose for herself.
After a break for a few years , she put together her Band.
All music is original material,written,composed, arranged and produced by Lea Abdulhak.
Lea's music style is a mix of Rock And Pop.
Drummer/MultyInstrumentalist/Singer-songwriter,arranger,Producer and Sound Engineer.
Born in Paramaribo (Suriname) on the 24th of February.
As a little boy Steven was already into music, so he started to
create his own drumkit and since than he always kept on playing.
Sinds 1981 till 2006,Steven has played and recorded with numerous local,
national and international artists,musicians and Bands.
Born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)on the 23rd of February.
His love for music started in his early age.
When he was 12 years, he started to learn to play the Guitar.
From age 16 he started to perform with different bands.
However, he is a Rock guitarist in Heart and Soul, but soon enough
he picked up different styles that has make him to an allaround guitarist.

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