Name: Italoporno
Herkunft: Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: Disco
Weitere Genre: Electro - Adult Pop
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Kategorie: Band
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ITALOPORNO Band Biography

ITALOPORNO (USA/GER) is a dynamic live electro-rock band (or "collective") made up of six musicians and a live VJ. Instrumentation includes female and male lead vocals, male background vocals, trombone, synthesizers, guitars, bass, acoustic and electronic drums and assorted percussion. ITALOPORNO was founded in 2006 in Berlin. They have played nearly 100 live shows throughout Europe and the UK. The members of the band prefer to forswear their names in favor of their onstage superhero pseudonyms: the Baron, the Advocate, the Tower, the Dandy, the Minky and the Queen.

ITALOPORNO's mission is to drag late-70's HI-NRG disco fever back into the club - kicking and screaming if need be - in the form of an energetic live band. Husky, soulful vocals and crispy synth sounds sing catchy pop melodies over funky guitars, vainglorious horn riffs, overdrive bass lines and relentless disco beats.

And that's not all: this band's live show is tight, revealing and custom-crafted for pleasure! These kids have no fear of glam - they chuck kilos of glitter (audience be warned: mind your drink and your cleavage!), don sizzling hot pants and color it up with Bowie-style makeup art. And they've got plenty of stomach for punk - they'll jump until the stage caves, scream, sweat, bleed, rip off their shirts and get on their knees to play guitars with their teeth.

On the other side of the coin, ITALOPORNO's poetic lyrics and subtle, self-reflexive musical motifs are tailored to tease even the intellectual hedonist and ensure that this band's appeal doesn't end when the night is over.

ITALOPORNO's second single, "Sternfahrt zum Uranus" is an eclectic dance epic with everything it takes to slap the apathy out of a club-weary public. Their latest single, "The Fall", a wistful disco dazzler, was released over Berlin label PALE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL in December 2009. The band is currently recording their debut album to be released in Summer 2010.

Glitter! Soul! Sex! Love! Best just be there and see it for yourself. ITALOPORNO will rock your disco!

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ITALOPORNO combines late-70's-inspired HI-NRG disco with contemporary club sounds to produce a crackling mixture of electro, pop and punk.

Rock licks, funky beats, screaming synthesizers and pop hook-lines sizzle in ITALOPORNO's cosmic inferno. Trombone attacks blast over Van Halen stadium-guitar solos and the steely, soulful voice of the singer delivers the final blow.

When ITALOPORNO takes the stage, their powerful, catchy melodies and pumping beats lay the foundation for a live show devoted to dance, hot pants, glam and glitter.

ITALOPORNO has been together since 2006 and its current members - six musicians and a VJ - hail from Berlin, Germany and Detroit, USA.

ITALOPORNO is an insatiable live band with experience that includes nearly 100 live shows at clubs and festivals throughout Europe.

ITALOPORNO minds the three E's: excess, ecstasy and euphoria.

In 2009, ITALOPORNO signed with the Berlin label PALE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL. Releases are distributed by Edition Blass/Freibank.

Instruments & visuals

Lead vocals (female & male
Background vocals (male)
2x Synthesizer
2x Guitar
VJ PULSARE (Maria am Ufer, Berlin)


"ITALOPORNO is a live act that sounds like electro and acts like punk" (Baseler Zeitung, October 2008).

"ITALOPORNO is not out to make art - they just want you to pick up the nearest disco ball, hang it up, pump up the volume and get the party started" (Ken Jebsen, Radio Fritz, June 2009).

Gigs (Choice)

Fusion Festival
Berlin Insane V & VI
Berlin UndergroWnd
Hanfparade Berlin
BBC Festival
Stompin´ Fangorn (Basel/CH)
f.u.c. Villa
Bang Bang Club
RAW Tempel
Das Schiff (Basel/CH)
Island-Bar (Birmingham/UK)


Motor FM
Radio Fritz
Radio Eins
Herbstradio 99.1 FM
Radio X (CH)
WRMC Middlebury (USA)


Stardust (EP)
Sternfahrt zum Uranus (EP)
The Fall (EP)
coming soon
Berlin Insane V (Sampler)
Debüt Album (LP)

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