Name: Adron
Herkunft: 13359 Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: House
Weitere Genre: Techno - Progressive
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Demo Songs: Adron
Kategorie: Dj
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Organic, hypnotic, melodic: this is the sound of Adron (Pedro AMG)

A Córdoba native whose first appearance as a DJ came in 2013 at Malaga’s Metrica Club, today Pedro can be found practicing his craft at Sisyphos, Birgit&Bier, Klunkerkranich, Generator, Minimal Bar and other clubs in Berlin – the city he has called home since 2015.

With his move to the German capital, Pedro began to put his education in music production to good use as he expanded from playing sets into the role of producer and vinyl collector. His aim in everything he does is simple: to evoke an emotional response from his listeners.

Pedro is also one of the founders of Nimbo, a collective that began in the summer of 2022 at Generator Biergarten in Berlin. It is supported by international artists like Frankey & Sandrino, Manu Strasse, Tom Peters, Ede, Just Lauren, Los Cabra, Pascale Voltaire, and many others.

With mixes that cover techno, house, indie-dance, minimal and ambient, Pedro’s work embodies versatility, attention to detail, and an ability to read and adapt to the audience.

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Ich kann mit Xone Allen Eath und Pioneer spielen(auch Rotatory Modele).

Mit CDJ ab den DJM-900NEXUS bis zu den letzten.
Wenn möglich 3x davon, 2x reichen auch.

Übernachtung Möglichkeiten wird benötig, wenn die Veranstaltung weit von Berlin ist.



Pedro AMG

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