The Minority

Name: The Minority
Herkunft: 85107 Bratislava, Slowakei
Genre: Rock
Weitere Genre: Punk - Pop Punk
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Kategorie: Band
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The Minority

The Minority is a punk-rock group based in the Central Europe. Formed in 2019, it’s still one of the newer acts that have emerged on the map of rock music in Central Europe, but over the last four years has played numerous shows mainly across Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. Their music is mainly a mix of genres like rock and punk-rock. All their songs are typically straightforward with catchy and melodic choruses. Though having two studio albums under their belt, The Minority are still up to something new and recently have released two new songs "GET IT ALL" and "ONE OF A KIND" supported also by a lyric video. These tunes come from the new music material recorded in winter 2022 and even more represent that energetic, melodical and “california punk” influenced music that’s so typical for this powerful trio. Their songs got airplays accross various radios in Europe (e.g. Rock FM Online, Scotland Rocks Radio, Radio PlaybackRock, Powerplant ClassicRock), but also in Australia (Banks Radio Australia), South Africa (Burg Studio) or USA (PUNK ROCK DEMONSTRATION). Their music is solely made to be played live, and as the band members say: "we want to play music that we love and live for and share this energy with the audience to bring some joyful moments into their lives that would take them away from that dull everyday reality". The band has currently finished their summer and fall tour with shows at various festivals and clubs in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.

Infos für Veranstalter

Playing time: 60 min.
Accommodiation required from 400 km.

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