Under Damascus

Name: Under Damascus
Herkunft: Berlin, Deutschland
Genre: Tech House
Weitere Genre: Techno - Dance
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Kategorie: Dj
Under Damascus


The underground pulsates. The fusion of techno sounds and the touch of the Orient are in the air. It is a fusion of House, Tech House and Oriental House of the artistic genesis of UnderDamascus. Born and raised in the Orient, the electronic sound from the deep underground of Berlin inspired his life. His music is sonorous, deep and rhythmic. UnderDamascus sets accents with occidental tunes that lead into an endless lustful longing for more.

The journey takes UnderDamascus directly to the place of his artistic creation 'Festivalticker' for a beginning story like 1001 Nights.


Infos für Veranstalter

Under Damascus
Tones, sounds, singing, the revolution. He looks down on his hometown Damascus from the high mountain Jabal Qasiyun.
And all those sounds will later be the form of his artistic expression in Berlin.
Tones, sounds, song and the story of the revolution. Under Damascus tells the story of the Orient, of distance, of the unknown, of longing, of passion, of people. Listen to what happened there!
Berlin was the muse of electronic beat for Under Damascus and the birthplace of its music. It is an expression of harmony and the story of two worlds of East and West belonging together. The music shows you the pictures. Emotional Oriental House, Tech House and Techno unites Under Damascus to a fascinating fairy tale story of 1001 nights. Let yourself be enchanted!


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