Scythe Beast

Name: Scythe Beast
Herkunft: 27239 Twistringen, Deutschland
Genre: Death Metal
Weitere Genre: Thrash Metal
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Kategorie: Band
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Scythe Beast

Originally founded in 2012 as what was solely intended to be a studio project, when Sven Stoppelberg (Songwriting, Lyrics, All strings, Voice) and Koopie (Engineering, Production) decided to grind the scythe and sharpen their blades.

“Breeding Devastation” was the first strike to transpire in 2016. Self-produced and self-released, Scythe Beast found support from drummer Andreas Tegeler. The music press likened the initial assault to the greatness of God Dethroned, Carcass, and old Dark Tranquillity. This drove Scythe Beast forward to advance the battlefield. Two years later, in December 2018, the beast besieged the studio once again.

 Dug into the studio, a new tactical assault was planned: Scythe Beast were to enter the stage, and the plan was mission-ready in late 2019 when the album was finalised. In 2020, stages were attacked until a biological agent forced a lockdown. The retreat was not a defeat – far from it.

Scythe Beast entered the studio again to record another major assault on the senses. On 04.03.2021, Scythe Beast unleashed “Indicted for Misconception”, It can only be hoped “Indicted for Misconception” will be able to fill rift in the time continuum until stages can be entered and pulverised once again!


Claus Ulka: Voice (Misery Speaks, Forever it shall be, etc.)

Andreas Tegeler: Battery (Poverty’s No Crime, Bleeding, etc.)

Sven Stoppelberg: Strings

Frank Schwenker: Strings

Hendrik Schelenz: Bass (Rest in Beef)

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