Ines Herrmann

Name: Ines Herrmann
Herkunft: Dresden, Deutschland
Genre: Folk
Weitere Genre: Singer-Songwriter - Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Ines Herrmann

Ines Herrmann is a singer, songwriter, composer, and music producer based in Dresden, Germany. She makes music since 2003, is on tour as a live musician since 2017 in Germany, USA, Belgium, and the Netherlands. To this day, she has released 4 folk rock EPs and 1 album. She's most known for her beautiful dark yet warm vocals, resembling Brandi Carlile in its soft- and fierceness. Ines is extremely skilled in entertaining a broad adult audience and offers a repertoire suitable to a variety of occasions. Since 2020, she's also a Digital Music Producer with additional training in arranging and composing for film, ads, and tv (Berklee College of Music) as well as vintage music production and sound design (HOFA College).

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