Izzy And Chris

Name: Izzy And Chris
Herkunft: 50737 Cologne, Deutschland
Genre: Adult Pop
Weitere Genre: Synthie Pop - Alternative Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Izzy And Chris

'Izzy & Chris' is a highly eclectic pop rock duo formed in 2018 after a well received public collaboration/reunion performance between the two artists. (who are no strangers to the stage, or to each other)

Izzy and Chris being 2/5 of the internationally acclaimed music group 'US5' took the stage to share a one-time performance, which turned into several shows, evolving into major ambitions of filling arenas and touching lives on a mainstream mass media platform once more.

A brief history of the artists known as 'Izzy & Chris' goes back to summer of 2005, when both young singers were chosen from hundreds of hopeful male vocalists to join 3 other talented entertainers to form multiplatinum mega group 'US5'. The band went on to sell millions of records, win numerous awards, grace magazine covers, and tour all over the world to perform for millions of delighted fans and supporters.

Having matured from the roles of teen idols to songwriters, musicians, and veteran entertainers, 'Izzy & Chris' are now giving their supporters a more personal and artistic side of themselves.

Their debut EP album "Starving Artist Thing" is set to release in 2022.

Infos für Veranstalter

5 piece band consisting of base, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, and 2 vocalists (2 microphones)

Currently a 45 minute show delivery.

Need light and sound technician to be provided.

Standard artist performance fee.

Hotel accommodation required for long distance/overnight travel.

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